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Roof Leaks Cannot Wait

A leaking roof will cause more damage and make repairs more difficult and expensive. If your substrate is wood, it will begin rotting from the inside out, and the heating from the sun will increase the rate at which this occurs. When water gets into your insulation, in most cases it will need to be replaced, and once it has begun staining your sheetrock, it will likely need to be tended to as well. Our experienced team is fully versed in dealing with leaking roofs and the damage they cause. Call us quickly so we can stop the problem before it gets larger.

Sometimes You Can't See Them:

By the time water has made it into your home, it has passed by all of the structural items between the outside and in. This means that it is very probable that you have unseen water damage inside your walls. The degree to which your home is damaged by a leak is greatly diminished by acting quickly to secure the roof and stop the leak. Part of this process is listening to your walls, because they do indeed speak to you at times. Have you heard a thumping inside your home during a rainstorm? This could be a leak that is dripping into your attic and hitting the ceiling above you, but has not quite made it through. If you even suspect a roof leak, make it a priority and call us before it gets worse.

Repairs Are Likely:

If you only have one or two leaking areas, this does not necessarily mean that your roof must be replaced. Often, rooftop components such as jacks and vents can be the cause of leaks, and they may just need some attention. By repairing your roof, you can buy yourself time to save for a full roof replacement when it is absolutely necessary. All Season Roofing will tell you the truth about your roof leaks and options, so call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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