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If you are installing or repairing a wood shake roof, don't just call any roofing contractor you can find. Most of them will tell you that they are experienced, just to get the chance to sell you another type of roof or a shoddy repair. Selecting All Season Roofing means that you are hiring craftsmen who understand how a wood shake roof protects your home or office, and how to install or repair one properly.

Why Wood Shakes?

When you come across a home with a wood shake roof, you instantly know the owner cares about quality and protecting their home. Wood shake roofs provide a beauty that can seldom be matched by other roofing products, and your home truly stands out in your neighborhood. Let us show you just how beautiful your home can be with a new wood roof by calling us today.

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All Season Roofing is a professional wood shake roofing contractor serving all of Kansas City and surrounding areas. We will be happy to show you samples and discuss your needs, whether they be a new roof or repair on an existing shake roof.

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All Season Roofing provides the very best options in residential and commercial roofing, siding, painting and much more. Serving Kansas City for more than 17 Years gives us the experience and a reputation you can trust.

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